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I am a young black African, there are many sides to me but I am not two faced. I am opinionated and sometimes argue just for the sake of arguing. I will post the things I like, that is poetry, women, cars, travel and music especially rnb. I want my tumblr to be beautiful in my eyes.. feel free to submit anything you think I would like.. I enjoy a good laugh so start with that and most importantly FOLLOW ME

Upton Sinclair

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1. I love my people, family is never limited to blood but where your loyalties lie

2. I have a deep knowledge of all comic book character origins despite never having bought a comic book

3. I’m Batman
4. I have always been a nerd but never been the one you could pick on

5. My music playlist is mostly comprised of music older than me

Thank you  myafricanpersuasion for the nomination

I nominate replay-my-requiem mermaidflaws readyalways16 

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The Weeknd

Looking up — ToxicRocket | Tumblr


http://ilivetosyn.tumblr.com/IG: kingkesia
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makeup looks flawless skin