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I am a young black African, there are many sides to me but I am not two faced. I am opinionated and sometimes argue just for the sake of arguing. I will post the things I like, that is poetry, women, cars, travel and music especially rnb. I want my tumblr to be beautiful in my eyes.. feel free to submit anything you think I would like.. I enjoy a good laugh so start with that and most importantly FOLLOW ME

Zimbabwe… 34 yrs of independence

He’s a nice guy, a dreamer

but that’s all

Dreams seldom become a reality

This has been the case for a decade

He would give his arm for this girl

He texts and waits weeks for a reply

Only reply he gets is when she calls for help

but still he put on his cape

She turn heads but her eyes are on someone else

She knows she’s beautiful 

She wants someone beautiful to 

But people treat her like a trophy 

Her head feel mounted on the wall

no one cares about her opinion 

so she stops trying 

either way, she won’t have to pay for a drink

But she has eyes on prince charming 

he treats her like she is second rate

so she yearns for his approval 

Why doesn’t he pine over me like the other?

All he sees in her is a body with no depth

But she’s afraid to show it

Barbies aren’t made to be speakers

He sees no substance in her

He has eyes on another

She isn’t a show stopper 

but she is a conversation starter

Nurtured her mind before her body 

But she finds him arrogant and coarse

she sees his trail of broken hearts 

she is too smart to be another statistic

A notch on a headboard

But he wants her because she is different 

He thinks she can change him

He would carry the heavens for her

but he’s too pretty for her 

She is looking for a dreamer a nice guy 

A guy who will drop the world if she needed him

A guy who would wait a decade for a moment of her time

A man with more to him than looks

But he is has his eyes on a hot girl

A girl with eyes on a hot boy

A boy who has eyes on her

and so the cycle goes….

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