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I am a young black African, there are many sides to me but I am not two faced. I am opinionated and sometimes argue just for the sake of arguing. I will post the things I like, that is poetry, women, cars, travel and music especially rnb. I want my tumblr to be beautiful in my eyes.. feel free to submit anything you think I would like.. I enjoy a good laugh so start with that and most importantly FOLLOW ME

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TheDailyPositive.com (via thedailypozitive)

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They took it all … Lol #giveblood #donate
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My cousin sasha she’s a girl  

I used to wait for the first star to appear in the evening everyday for the longest time. It always came before the night came. I was a sign that darkness was coming but even in the darkness there is always a bit of light. Even when you can’t see them through the dark clouds that pour rain on you they are still there.. Its the same with hope. It’s sometimes it has to be a little darker before you can see it clearly and even when the dark times pass it’s still there waiting behind all the brightness for when u need it again

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